About Roller Derby

The Players

2015-09-05 12:05:33 PM

Each team fields 5 players on the track at a time.  These 5 players consist of:

  • 1 Jammer (designated by a star on their helmet cover):  they score one point for every time they lap a member of the opposing team
  • 3 Blockers:  they are players who attempt to stop the opposing jammer from gaining points
  • 1 Pivot (designated by a stripe on their helmet cover):  they are a blocker that has the ability to become the jammer when passed the jammer’s helmet cover


Together, the blockers and pivots from both teams form the pack.

The Game

A game of roller derby is divided into two 30 minute halves.  Each half is broken into shifts called jams.  A jam is a maximum of two minutes.

The teams line up to start the jam, with the jammers positioned behind the blockers on the track.  The whistle blows, and the jammers jockey for a lead jammer designation.  The lead jammer is the first jammer to exit the pack.

After exiting the pack, the jammer then laps the pack and is ready for a scoring pass.  The jammer scores one point for every member of the opposing team they cleanly pass (measured at the hips).

The blockers work together stop the opposing jammers.  Any time contact is made between players, it is called a block.  Blocks must be delivered to legal target zones using only legal blocking zones.

rules-legal-target-zones      rules-legal-blocking-zones

At any time, the lead jammer may call off the jam by placing their hands on their hips.


Each penalty is 30 seconds, and begins when the player has taken their seat in the penalty box.  The penalty clock stops between jams.

Jammers may serve less than 30 seconds if the opposing jammer takes a seat in the penalty box.  In this case, the opposing jammer is only required to serve the same amount of time for their penalty.

A full list of the officials’ hand signals can be found here.

Learn More

A full copy of the current ruleset can be downloaded here.