Become a Sponsor

Become associated with the fastest growing sport in North America. Tri-City Roller Derby is known for its talented skaters, exceptional training, family-friendly bouts, and community minded approach.

Our sponsorship packages come with perks such as tickets, merchandise and promotional exposure. You can also purchase advertisements a la carte. If you have a small business, we offer vendor tables at our games.

None of our skaters get paid to play roller derby Every single skater contributes to building and supporting Tri-City Roller Derby and the derby community abroad. Each member has responsibilities on league committees, at public events, and on game day – in additional to regular practices. Your contributions help to offset some of these burdens.

For details on our packages, please download our sponsorship package. Or contact us at

Interested in sponsoring our Put Up Your Toques tournament taking place May 3-5? We’ve got sponsorship information for that!

Additional Info
1. Logo placement and ad sizing is at a prioritized level. Sponsor are requested to provide web and/or print ready logos. TCRD reserves the right to the substitute text in place of missing logos.
2. Sponsors are required to provide TCRD media with completed ads for placement in the out programs and on the website. Program ads will be placed in all home bout programs. Ads are required no less then 3 weeks prior to the start of the season. Specifications and file types will be provided.
3. Promotional materials distributed at bouts are the sole responsibility of the sponsor (unless alternate arrangements are made prior to the bout on a case by case basis). TCRD reserves the right to restrict the distribution of materials deemed offensive under Canada’s hate crime legislation or materials which are in direct opposition to TCRD mission statement and policies regarding inclusion and sportswomanship.
4. Track-side advertising may take the form of banners or stand-up sign. Priority placement around the track is determined by sponsorship level.
5. Sponsors are responsible for the set-up and take-sown of signs and banners (unless alternate arrangements are made on a case by case basis). Sponsors are required to provide TCRD with web link information and update TCRD media in the event of a link change. Vendor table pricing applies to regular season games only.
6. Vendor tables for tournaments sold separately.