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Spend 2 intensive days learning from a veteran roller derby All-Star!

This is a split level training camp geared towards skaters of all skill levels!

WFTDA and LOCO minimums accepted. This event is co-ed!

Newer and developing skaters will be training with JD in the morning with a focus on:

  1. skating and movement skills for derby and
  2. body mechanics for individual derby skills (such as footwork) for effective game play

More experienced skaters will be training with JD in the afternoon with a focus on:

  1. individual skills for derby (absorbing impact, individual hitting and tracking skills and offensive hitting skills) and
  2. Team Strategy for Derby (learn and develop offensive and defensive blocking/jamming strategy)

We encourage league trainers, team leaders, travel team skaters, and athletes looking to take their training to the next level, to sign up!

Space is limited! Register as early as you can, in order to ensure your spot!

Additionally, we will be offering a very limited number of spots to coaches who would like to shadow JD during the 2-day clinic!
Spectator tickets will also be available.

Coaches: Please select second date option from drop-down menu to purchase a coach ticket.