The Tri-City Roller Derby Officials are a group of Skating Officials (referees) and Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) dedicated to ensuring that the game of roller derby is played safely, and in accordance with WFTDA’s Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby. Each game requires seven referees to enforce rules and assess penalties and points earned; and twelve NSOs for penalty tracking, scorekeeping, management of the penalty box, and recording of game statistics.

The TCRD Officials are proud of our team members. Our membership includes Matt S. Faction, the most highly certified referee in Canada (WFTDA Level 5) and Jules and Regulations (WFTDA Level 3), with experience in refereeing WFTDA’s highest level games. Under their mentorship, the TCRD Officials work hard to provide quality officiating for derby games and tournaments across North America and beyond.  For further information, please contact Simon Sez (Head Referee) or Dodge Charge’er (Head NSO) at
Tricity Officials group photo
Meet the crew! Above are our TCRD Officials, 2017 Edition. 
Front row (L-R): NaturGrrl, Jules and Regulations, Dodge Charge’er.
Middle row (L-R): Anita Jim, Dharma Doll, CockamAmy, Elena Shmoylova, Simon Sez, Charles Stover.
Back row (L-R): Tim Rafuse, Erik Postma, Matt S Faction.
Missing in action: Ginger Knockout, Reg Domaratzki.